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Roadside Attraction is a 3/D steel diarama with a mosaic stone mountain

Steel Diarama by Alicia Lee Farnsworth  layers painted perfornated metal and mixed media to create a bueautiful lakeside scene with a big california poppy in the foreground





"Lake County Landscape" was part of

Lake County EcoArts Sculpture Walk 2006.

It is perforated, expanded sheet steel, wood and paint. It is now available for sale.

From the front this sculpture looks like a traditional painted landscape but it is actually a diorama of translucent painted steel perforated or expanded metal panels and solid sheet metal pieces. The water panels have shiny reflective metal areas.

The 3-quarter view shows the 3 dimensional sculptural qualities.

The side view shows the complicated base designed by Karl Giovacchini,at

My longtime friend and fellow 2006 EcoArtist, Karl Giovacchini was my technical assistant on this sculpture, creating a base that both adjusts and disassembles . Thanks to this design, I can now assemble carry and transport the sculpture myself, without special equipment or extra help.

A view from afar


Questions about the Sculptures?



The 2005 Eco Arts Piece...Welded Steel

"Persephone Emerging"completed May 2005

for the EcoArts : Lake County Sculpture Walk 2005

Persephone was in the park from Late May 2005 until October 15 2005

She is now available for sale... Contact Alicia if you are interested in owning "Persephone Emerging"




Click Here to read the Myth of Persephone

Click any of these pictures to see larger pics of detail

This picture shows the black obsidian reflecting the light cast from the red glass "pomegranate"

Click on any picture to see larger images.

Profile in the shade.


Grinding on the unpainted piece.

I changed the mouth after this picture. The picture to the right is the finished head

Head detail


The first series of 6 pictures shows me setting up the piece in the park

I am mostly arranging lava rock

This picture shows the trail .

All Set Up.

No Hat.

Happy to be Done.