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Butterfly Minds Movement Challenge

Butterfly Minds is a movement and meditation program Alicia plans to produce. The mission of Butterfly Minds is to help people with motor difficulties (like cerebral palsy) move and feel better, both mentally and physically. She is looking for people interested in helping her help others.

Personal experience and years of trial and error have taught her that resistance exercise, like weightlifting, has improved her body function and movement more effectively than other forms of exercise. Alicia has also done a lot of work inside her head to challenge both personal, internal attitudes and confront attitudes around her. Alicia would like to teach others what she has learned and attract other people with both helpful skills and professional training, She needs an accessible location and some eager participants. Ideally in a gym setting.

Eventually, Butterfly Minds aspires to be a nonprofit organization providing collection of teachers, massage and movement therapists, fitness experts, mental health professionals, life skills mentors, sexuality experts and motivational speakers who cater to the needs and transformational dreams of people with disabilities today.

To help make Butterfly Minds Movement Challenge a reality or for more information, send e-mail to:


This page is under construction. There will be more info on Butterfly Minds, other disability resources and links here in the future.

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