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Alicia's Artful Impression Tarot

View card images below from Alicia's Artful Impression Tarot.

All images and words copyright Alicia Lee Farnsworth, 1996 - 2015


The Major Arcana

Click on the thumbnails with colored borders to see larger images

This Tarot Deck combines tradition with a modern twist. Here are images from the Major Arcana. All the images are from original carved linoleum block. In addition to the original art prints, there are T-shirts, Tarot Cards and Books available. Click on the links to view more.

Click HERE for the Minor Arcana (the rest of the deck...)

Alicia is in the process of raising money to finance a new, better printing of her tarot deck.The first printing is all but sold out. There are a few "seconds" decks



For a Tarot T-shirt click here


For more information please e-mail