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Ceramic Sculpture

Medium Ceramic Sculpture


The ceramics pictured are mostly high fire ceramic pieces.The leanng tower peice called "Pedistal" is still availabe

The Snuggle Bunny piece(below)was sold in 2001

I like to scribe my clay pieces with my poetry and writing and paint them with oxides and natural oxide glazes.


Smaller Sculptures


The sculpture below is almost full scale.

(Around 6 inches) It is still for sale

Other high fire peices from this time period not pictured are some circus themed pieces and a series of artful tea pots.







Most of the Mosaic Work I have been doing is also Ceramic. I will be doing smaller pieces and posting them here along with other small sculptures.




Other pieces not included on this page are hammered metal Jewelry and cast miniature metal sculpture. Click here to see welded steel sculpture

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